What is the Difference between Glass and Acrylic Aquariums?

Acrylic fish tank

Why Acryl?


Acryl is more resistant than glass. It’s welded to the bond does not weak in time. Therefore, an acrylic fish tank is much safer than a glass tank.

Acvamed uses only high-quality acrylic.


Acrylic has 93% transparency while glass only 82. Acrylic also offers a more clear image while glass offers a distorted image


Acrylic’s insulation is 20% better than glass. Therefore it’s much more eco-friendly than glass


Glass Fish Tank


Glass aquariums are more likely to shatter due to it’s hard, non-flexible structure.

The splicing is made of silicone which will weaken over time and can produce accidents.

Glass aquariums are also more likely to break at any small impact compared to acrylic which is more flexible and which can hold up a strong impact.

Any scratch made on a Glass Fish tank cannot be repaired easily, while acrylic can be polished.


Here you can also watch a test video with two identical fish tanks, one made out of acrylic and one out of glass.









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